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When someone does it and someone smells it and hears it, there are two possible scenarios:
1) Embarrassing moment: disgusted faces, loss of friends, loss of credibility, and becoming … the big fart man/woman!
2) Funny moment: everyone starts to laugh and talk about the fart, about the sound and the stink; also it would be easy to start a race for who is the best at making the most powerful, noisiest and stinkiest… and it depends on how loud you fart, you would become…
“A National hero!”
Speaking of farts is always funny. A book for you to became the secret farter or as a gift for a friend or a farter you know his or her stink.
It’s a humour book genre with real situations and scenarios where I suggest if and how to fart.
The book is divided into two sections: Where to break wind and Where not to break wind.
There are also:
Faq chapter, Definition of flatulence, Composition of fart, Names of farts, Variety of farts and Did you know section.